The other day I was asked for the millionth time ( or may be it was the trillionth, clearly I’ve lost track ) upon someone’s hearing about my vegetarianism,  where I get my protein.  My response was simply: nuts and beans, grains and seeds.   What I wanted to say was : “Where do you get your vitamins, minerals, fiber, enzymes, beauty……?.”   That’s what I will respond with next time.   Why is it that protein is the single thing that most people want out of food, and why is the quality of this protein not as important as the quantity?   I recently spoke to a nutritionist about this, asking her if she thought my diet provided enough protein.   She asked me about how I eat, and how much, and she did the numbers and concluded that  my diet, which is mostly vegan, and organic, did indeed give me enough of everything I need.  I have a hunch that if she asked a typical American carnivore/junkivore/omnivore, that she would find their diet lacking in vitamins, minerals, fiber, enzymes, ( and I have to say this: color!).  I have actually met people who consider and count the condiment catsup as a vegetable.   From what I understand, the best omnivorous diet uses meat as a condiment, not vegetables.    During my recent experience with extensive medical testing, bringing me in contact with almost 40 specialists in all fields, the one thing they all agreed upon is  that whatever it was it wasn’t my diet.  They all agreed that my diet kept me from being even worse than I was. ( see dysautonomia ).   Your mother was right: EAT YOUR VEGETABLES!


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