Jupiter and the moon

First thing I saw this morning, still nestled beneath my downy quilt was Jupiter shining in an almost Maxfield Parish blue sky.  Then I saw a plane fly beneath Jupiter, followed by a big pink cloud.  Upon rising there is the full moon, who’d been Jupiter’s companion when I went to sleep,  up above the garden then, they are above the western mountains now, swinging their way down beyond.  That .03 inch of predicted snow lies scattered on the ground, and there are patterns of ferns in the frost inside the greenhouse walls of windows.  The ferns they mimic all asleep now, surrounded by frost built in these cold nights of planets and the moon shining so bright.  So different from me sleeping in my warm cocoon, waking each day to paint leaves like theirs, while they sleep on in the cold.  I fall in love with the memories of leaves and flowers and paint them back to life.


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